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Revive Hemp Oil Sports Recovery Shot

Revive Hemp Oil Sports Recovery Shot


How can CBD help with sports recovery?
CBD is known to have both powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Anyone stressing their bodies through physical activity will find benefit from the properties of CBD. Revive incorporates liposomal CBD which enters the bloodstream within minutes of ingestion and begins to work on the inflammation and pain associated with workouts. In addition, CBD has a slight calming effect which can be felt after ingestion, which helps some athletes relax after intense training. Finally, CBD research has demonstrated that over 1000 genes are impacted by this compound including genes which turn on cellular stress responses such as anti-oxidant and cellular detoxification.

How is Revive different?
Revive uniquely delivers liposomal CBD in particle of 30-100 nm in size, essentially too small to be broken down by your stomach enzymes maximizing absorption. The nano-scale liposomes are coated with phospholipids which are consumed by your cellular system to maintain healthy cells, and enhance lymphatic circulation of nutrients. As such, the CBD inside the liposome is quickly absorbed by your cells for rapid recovery. Using liposomal delivery provides 60 to 90% bioavailability of the CBD into your bloodstream, maximizing the benefits you receive. Other delivery methods only allow up to 30% absorption. Each Revive shot has 12mg of liposomal CBD, equivalent to 75mg in other products.

Lastly, Revive incorporates B vitamins which have been demonstrated to help with sports recovery.  Professional athletes, sports enthusiasts and walking grandmothers are all benefiting greatly from pain reduction and rapid physical recovery from Revive's unique formula. Give it a try today!

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